that will help to "Otchiy Dim" have their own land for expand ministry to orphans.

We need 5000 people to sponsor 1 square yards.

(please, press this button, chose "Orphans-Foster home support" and in the comment box specify that this is a support for Father's house Palace of Dreams)

Close to Kiev, a great organization called ‘Otchiy Dim’ (Father’s House) saves and cares for very vulnerable children. Since 1996, thousands of children have found their way to a better and more stable future. Former street children are now adults, married and have a family of their own

Those who have been abused in the past have found peace and healing and now give counseling and advice to new generations of children who suffer the same fate.

There are still children living in dangerous situations today. In addition to good care and education, children are not only guided on their way to adulthood, they also receive an important lesson for life, namely: "it is more blessed to give than to receive".

God loves each individual with infinite compassion and we can take care of each other in a chain of love from God. We can pass on love through this "Life-chain".

The building has a lot of potential and Otchiy Dim always needs space to accommodate even more children and a safe place for a playground and children’s activities.
In 2003, Otchiy Dim was able to purchase a construction project. The government years ago had a plan to build a sports and cultural building there, but was never able to complete it. Since that time, Otchiy Dim has had the rights to use the building and pays annual rent for the land in a lease contract for 49 years. However, because the land is leased, they do not have full rights to use the building and the grounds (110 x 110 yards) in the most efficient way. Project developers are reluctant to invest in finishing the building.

This building, which is called the "Palace of Dreams", should not be lost but should be fully owned by Otchiy Dim.

Also, in this place a church has started and here, every Sunday, the Gospel of forgiveness and new Life in our Savior Jesus Christ is heard.

One of the "dreams" is to have a Christian school, and maybe it can be realized in this building or on the grounds. It is very realistic once Otchiy Dim owns the land.

Would you like to be a link in the "Life-chain" of this love ministry from Otchiy Dim? Then please consider sponsoring one or more square yards of land for only

$ 9 / square yard

The total price is $ 90,600; and half of this sum is already covered.

Can you help with the other square yards?

Then the land will be the property of Otchiy Dim and it can finally be developed in the best possible way.

Do it today!

Please note: If the amount for the crowdfunding is not reached or exceeded, you can be assured the donations received will be used to help children at risk in Ukraine.

You can also write to if you would like to be updated with progress and use the heading PALACE OF DREAMS

please, press this button, chose "Orphans-Foster home support" and in the comment box specify that this is a support for Father's house Palace of Dreams.
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