Support refugee children from Ukraine

"The kids were extremely emotional. Just all curled up. We just wanted to get as far as we could as fast as we could. We wrote their blood type on their backpacks in case of emergency"

Roman Korniiko
Head of Father's House
The GLOBAL CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN that will help Father's House keep their ministry and survive through the war with all the children and staff.

They need everyone's help now!

More about Father's House

("Otchiy Dim")
The goals for fundraising will be:

  • Care for 210 children and 40 adults in Germany (the portion not covered by the German government).

  • Transportation of humanitarian goods to Ukraine from Freiburg, Germany.

  • Transportation of refugees to cities in Europe.

  • Support for the men left behind in Svyatopetrivske who are helping refugees by giving them safe shelter in the basement and helping them find their way out.

  • Short and longer term planning of Father's House mission, its children and staff.